Sydney Day 3

A trip to Manly today, a town north of Sydney on the ocean.  Getting there is a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Sydney with fabulous views of the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House and the bay.  The day started with sun and broken and clouds but as we got to Manly the rain returned.  A trip to the aquarium, our fallback in the rain, was fun and we got to see more sharks and the deadly blue ringed octopus which it turns out is common in Manly bay, but don’t worry, it only bites you if you step on it – no worries then!  Apparently the venom paralyses you and to survive you need continuous CPR for 24 hours – no swimming for me.

Manly town struck us as pretty ugly but once you get to the ocean facing side the bay is beautiful and the surf was big given the weather.  To round out our trip we took a hike to North Head which got us out into the wild with some great views of the coast, very rugged sandstone cliffs.

For dinner we resorted to an authentic American diner, yes, not the sort of place you would think of visiting when in Sydney but it was good and satisfied Jon’s desire for a good burger.

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