The Blue Mountains

We left Sydney on Saturday morning for our two hour drive to the Blue Mountains.  The mountains are a series of gorges that have been cut from there sandstone plateau by various water sources one the years leaving dramatic scenery.  Saturday was cold and wet and the mountains were very misty.  We used that as an opportunity to take the train down into the gorge, a very steep journey on a very unsafe looking old mining train.  Fortunately we were able to take the gondola back up.

We stayed that night in a rustic cabin in Blackheath and joined Ann and Julian for dinner at the local pizzeria.  The BYO wine norm in Australia is excellent.  Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, perfect for our hike into the Grand Canyon.  The plants in Australia are truly unique and in the rainforest we experienced fern trees 20 ft high with fronds taller than me, an upgrade from what we see in Oregon and it isn’t often I say that.  The hike down and back out of the canyon was spectacular.

On Monday we travelled to Port Douglas and more of that in my next post.

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