The Hamer Women

On the evening of Sept 19th we visited the local Hamer Tribe to photograph the women.  As I work on the pictures their beauty is striking, especially with the evening glow falling on them.  One thing I hadn’t noticed is the similarity in the color and style of their beading even comparing to the pictures from the day before.  I don’t know is this is common across all the Hamer tribes or just for this area, but it is not a coincidence to my mind.

As we shot we were lucky to have the woman carrying the sticks arrive.  It is remarkable what she is carrying;  I counted eight items in addition to the bundle of sticks and I have no doubt she has walked miles with all of this.  All in a normal day for these people, very humbling!

7 thoughts

  1. Look at those faces, radiating so much light! And then the light falling across the plains. I remember the sunrise and sunset in South Africa and how looking into the African expanse was so enthralling. Did you take any photos of the stars? Just kidding. But weren’t they amazing in a truly dark sky?

    • Phil, I have to confess I didn’t look at the stars at all. As you say I’m sure the view without the city lights would have been amazing, I guess I’ll have to go back and check it out!

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