Around the fire

We visited the Kara tribe again in the evening.  Watching the sunset in Africa is something I will never tire of.  The beautiful colors offset against the natural and man-made landscape create fabulous picture opportunities.

Tonight the Kara village people danced for us around the fire.  Dancing appears to be a core part of the African way of life.  It is not viewed as something to be embarrassed about and avoided but instead as a way to express their emotions, which I have observed mainly as joy and happiness.  Tonight’s affair was certainly a very fun and happy occasion.

At the end of the dancing, one of the elders invited us into the circle one by one and gave us each what I interpret as a blessing.  It was a very touching experience and cemented my view of how welcoming and open the Kara people are.

This experience also provided a great opportunity to extend my photographic skill, shooting in very low light.  While many shots didn’t work out as I had hoped, with Piper’s coaching and my willingness to try new things and be a beginner, I was happy with the pictures I got and more importantly I learned a lot!


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