The River

In the evening, Piper and I completed a shoot on the banks of the Omo River with my favorite tribe, the Kara.  Their face painting and decoration is incredible and beautiful; they make exceptional models!  With some coaching from Piper, I think my photography went up a couple of notches today.  I guess you can be the judge of that!

The river was a special place to shoot, it has such an importance in the lives of the Kara people.  When it is in flood, the river spreads nutrients onto its banks where the new crops will be planted.  This cycle of flood, planting and harvest has been going on for centuries.  A large dam is expected to be completed upstream in 2013 and this may create a steady even flow of water in the river destroying this cycle.  Having a dam is in many ways a good thing but at what price to the lives of people who rely on the river?

Talking about the river, I also got to see my first crocodile on the trip on the opposite bank.  It didn’t seen too interested in us, but there was no way I was going to get into the water, unlike the locals who use it to bathe each day.  Here I was complaining about muddy water in my shower, whereas the local people only have muddy river water, which is also infested with crocodiles.  Score another one to the locals!


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  1. Andy, this was a magical evening. I often find some of my most memorable experiences have been down on that river bank with the Kara. I am so glad you decided to make the hike down with me.

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