Adventures in Mexico – Cholula

I am back on the road and spending time in Puebla, Mexico.  Puebla is a city and a state just south of Mexico city.  I was lucky to be invited to come here and coach with Jorge Villegas, a very good friend of mine and Robin Labaw, another good friend and coach who lives in Portland.  Jorge teaches a group of young entrepreneurs at a local university and he is giving Robin and I time to work with each team on their start up business plans and projects.  It didn’t take long for us to experience the enthusiasm in this group of young people to create a sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for their generation and those to follow.

We are lucky to be able to experience the local area and get a taste of the real Mexico versus the one I have experienced at the several resorts such as Cabo and Puerto Vallarta that I have experienced.  I am finding I like the real Mexico much more!

On our first day we visited the local town of Cholula, with Rodrigo Guttierez, a very successful young entrepreneur and all round great guy.  Cholula stands out because of a beautiful church that appears to sit atop a small hill, setting apart from the surrounding area.  The hill is in fact a pyramid with the largest base of any in the world and is the largest monument ever constructed (as recognized by the Guinness Book of Records).  It was started in the 3rd century BC and before the Spaniards it was becoming overgrown.  The Spanish used it as a foundation on which to build a church which stands today.  Like every church I have visited so far in Puebla, the interior is spectacular.

It is possible to walk inside the base of the pyramid in a series of narrow passageways which give an indication of what it would have been like in years gone by.  The town of Cholula surrounding the pyramid is a great example of a quiet old world Mexican town, very nice to stroll around and explore.


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