A Dog’s Life!

Following up on my Learning “To See” blog, I set out to observe our home from the viewpoint of our dog, Gunner.  I started simply taking pictures at Gunner’s eye level and then I realized he has a different perspective on the world.  His life is oriented around sleeping, playing and eating and rather than just take pictures from two feet off the ground my assignment changed radically.  How do I capture his world in pictures?


Meet Gunner, our English Springer Spaniel.

The pictures below represent my perspective of Gunner’s view.  The house is full of odd things I hadn’t really considered from his eye level.  The exercise ball must be a very awkward object, it’s bigger than him, and it rolls around.  He loves to get up on his hind legs and check out what is cooking!  The shoes and lead in the hallway must be very exciting, especially when in use!

The thought also just struck me I have been taking pictures within our home, I wonder what the outside world looks like to him?  That’s another blog for another time.


4 thoughts

  1. Great perspective Andy. Gunner is a relatively mid to large sized pooch. It helps me image how it must be for my little Peanut, a Chihuahua!

  2. Andy. This reminds me of my Sister’s weddiing 21 years ago tomorrow where a friiend gave my 3 daughters a new invention at the time called diapoaable camaras and they took pictures from a 4 ft high perspective. Pretty interesting

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