Bouand Dance Company

The holiday season always reminds me of the ballet.  I remember as young kid in England seeing the famous ballet performances on television at Christmas and they did nothing for me.  It just looked like a bunch of people in inappropriate outfits prancing around on the stage.  Everything changed for me a few years ago when Alex and Leslie, a couple of wonderful friends, invited Sue and I to watch the rehearsal of Alex’s ballet company, Bouand.

All of a sudden I figured out why some people love ballet.  For me it was the athleticism and grace, absolutely incredible.  Watching the dancers lift each other into positions I could only imagine and do so with such artistry and grace.  The dancers are true athletes and remind me of gymnasts with a broader and more flowing repertoire.  Being so close to the performance changed my perspective for good.

I was lucky to be able to visit another rehearsal where I was able to photograph the dancers and the pictures below are of Lucas Threefoot and Maggie Rupp.  Lucas is currently with the Oregon Ballet Theatre and Maggie is with the Sacramento Ballet.  I hope through these pictures you also get a glimpse of the athleticism and artistry of these performers and perhaps like me you will gain a greater appreciation of the ballet.







2 thoughts

  1. That was a treat!

    Unlike you, when I was a little girl I just loved the ballet, the one time I was lucky enough to see a performance on stage in a city theatre. The drama! The lights, the music, the stories … Though the magic was somewhat dimmed later by the fairy tale nature of the stories I was lucky enough to see a ‘modern’ American dance company perform at Saddlers Wells when I was living in London in the early 70s and was hooked again! You can imagine how hard I went after a job opening at Australia’s premier contemporary company when I eventually went home a decade or so later …

    Being away from that world is the only thing I miss, living out another dream here in Sri Lanka. The thrill of it – the physicality, and the music, and the sheer magic of performance – it was a heady mix, as I think you’re coming to understand too. 🙂

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