I started to think about what  single word describes my photography and it is “connected”.  When I think of the word connected it reminds me of the strong associations I have with other people and the connections I see when I’m taking pictures.  Being able to capture the connection between two people, a mother and child, lovers or family members is a precious and very rewarding experience for me.

A few years ago, Craig, Jon and I decided it would be nice to get Sue a picture of the boys for her birthday.  This was before my interest in photography had blossomed and so I grabbed my camera, the boys put on their soccer jerseys and we headed out to the back yard.  At first we started in bright sun, I thought that would work well and to my dismay the pictures looked terrible.  We then tried some shade under the trees and jackpot, they looked great, at least in the back of the camera.  When the print arrived back from Apple it really did look great and so we got it framed for Sue’s birthday.

When she opened it on her birthday I could tell she loved it and now it is hanging on our dining room wall.  It is my favorite picture and the one I am most connected to.  This is ironic since it was one lucky shot and since then I have taken thousands as I got serious about photography.  Here it is:

Craig and Jon FC PDX 21

I suspect your reaction is something like “that’s nice” but to me, Craig and Jon are the most important people in my life and this picture captures their essence in my eyes.  When I can create this experience for other people, I am doing a good job and I’m very satisfied.  The picture Evelyn shared in a comment to a recent post was a wonderful example for me (  Thanks again Evelyn for sharing this!

Enough of me, I’d like to know if you have a picture that you are most connected to?  If you are willing to share I would love to see them, I hope you can share them in a comment to this blog.  If you don’t have one perhaps we need to talk?  🙂

PS  I was very lucky with my picture of Craig and Jon.  I stumbled upon how to get great light for a portrait and it is called open shade.  On a sunny day head for the share of a tree or doorway and position the subject facing out into the light away from the shadow but still just in the shade.  You will get really great soft light that illuminates the face evenly with only very soft shadows.

4 thoughts

  1. Andy you did it for us. I love our family photo and the one of Lori and I. Not to mention the portrait I’ve been using for my book. I think it has very good presence.

  2. I tried to find a favorite photo that I connect with but in the process of looking back over family photos I realized I connect with all my family and friend photos as I think each and every one brings back memories that would probably be otherwise forgotton! Had a great time I have to say re living past events through my old photos! Xx
    Ps – just bought a slide scanner to put all Dad’s old slide photos onto computer- might just have to share some of the better ones!

  3. Andy,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog the past few months and especially the insights you share. This is a great shot of Jon and Craig, and it’s wonderful to hear the back story as well. I am thinking of the photo i am most connected to–thank you for asking us, your readers to turn inward as well–it’s not always easy but always rewarding.

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