Who We Are

One of my really great friends Phil Kenney posted a poem in his blog this week that has been on my mind since reading it.  It is a part of Ars Poetica by Czeslaw Milosz:

The purpose of poetry is to remind us

how difficult it is to remain just one person,

for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors,

and invisible guests come and go at will.

A few years ago I pursued a certification in ontological coaching, which simply said refers to coaching of a person considering their mind, body and emotion as critical elements of one’s being.  The poem speaks to me loudly because through my coaching I have come to realize we are defined by the stories that we develop in our lives.  Each day we make sense of what happens around us and gradually we turn these experiences into the stories or interpretations by which we live our lives.  These stories show up when relevant and as the poem describes, I consider them as invisible guests that come and go at will.  We don’t see these stories but I can assure you we each have them and they exert a powerful influence over us.

Generally, these stories serve us very well; we learn what works for us and we get attached to it.  Trouble occurs when something changes, perhaps you find yourself in a new environment where the old habits or stories are no longer relevant.  This requires you to change or adapt your story and if you have ever wondered what I do as coach, I help the coachee understand their stories and help them recognize they can choose other stories which my serve them better than the ones they are attached to.  The process of understanding your own stories is an amazing journey, a journey I realize that has no end but many places along the way you didn’t know existed.

Reserve View

I normally write each week in relation to the pictures I have taken but this week is different, I don’t have anything that comes to mind and so I’m going to share a picture I took at the golf course on Sunday.  We had a clear sunny day and the picture describes beautifully what I enjoy about playing early when few others are out and about.  I almost see the course as waking up in pristine condition ready to usher in the day ahead.

3 thoughts

  1. That is a beautiful picture, Andy. I love the contrasts. I should show you some black and whites I took in Chicago this summer at Nationals. I like the way you used the poem in your blog. Stories make the world go round.

  2. I really enjoy your posts, Andy. All those stories and things we identify with really shape and color how we see things and even what we see.

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