Packing for Namibia

I leave on Friday morning on my next great adventure, a two week trip to Namibia, in southern Africa.

Namibia Geo Map


I am part of a very small group including my great friend and mentor Piper Mackay and Vaughn Hart, a new friend whom I hope to get to know well.  Namibia appears to be an amazing country with incredible landscapes (check out these pictures), abundant wildlife and traditional peoples.

Namibia Landscape

The biggest attraction for me is spending time with people from the Himba tribe in the North West of the country.  These people color themselves with ochre and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about them and how their lives are changing for good and not so good.



The trip will tell me a lot about my passions.  What sort of people do I really like to photograph and why?  Do I have to travel to Africa or is this experience available wherever there is a story to be told, even on my own doorstep?  What good can my work create?  For me, this is much more than a two week vacation, exactly what I’m not sure and I’m excited to find out.

I will do my best to post some work directly from Namibia although I suspect I will be cut off from the outside world for days at a time.  (The thought of no internet and no email for a while is very appealing).  I also plan to record some of the locals telling their stories and if this works out it will add a new dimension to my work.  I am very excited about this.

I look forward to sharing my adventure with you!

PS:  All pictures are taken from a Google image search of Namibia.  Unfortunately photographer credits were not availble.

6 thoughts

  1. may you have a great adventure….take care of yourself…and bring back lots of pictures and great stories…be safe!

  2. Andy, this is so exciting. I would give nearly anything to go to Namibia. And I love your approach. I know it will be another remarkable stop on your very inspiring journey. Best of everything to you. Phil

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