A Girl’s Education

As I reflect back on my trip to Namibia and my time with the Himba, one constant stands out for me.  Babies, lots and lots of babies.  Mothers carrying babies on their backs, some very young, some much older.  The life of a Himba woman is clearly defined around marriage and child raising.  After watching the movie “Girl Rising” last night with my family, I wonder what these incredible women could have contributed and achieved if they started their family later and went to school to gain a basic education?  I was encouraged to talk to a few girls who are doing just that.  They spoke english and were delightful to talk to.  Full of energy, curiosity about our lives and full of ideas and possibilities.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating we dictate that all girls must go to school and can’t have babies until their 20’s.  We have done enough dictating, instead we need to share the power and possibility of education and let these people decide for themselves.  We are seeing change in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia purely on the basis of providing education and letting the indigenous people choose for themselves.  To be successful, the possibility must be there and must be free and available to all children.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities for adolescent girls, please check out a program called “The Girl Effect” and/or watch the movie “Girl Rising”

Thank You.

Namib Day 7-130-2 Namib Day 7-152-2 Namib Day 7-393 Namib Day 7-408 Namib Day 9-290-2

The possibility of education may have come to late for these women.

Namib Day 7-235

For this girl there is still a chance.

Nam Day 5-116

This girl is already in school and illustrates what is possible!

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