Enter the Wonderland of Lan Su

I mentioned the visit of my wonderful friend Jorge in my last post and following the Rose Garden we decided to visit the Chinese Garden in Portland or Lan Su by its real name.  In the heart of downtown Portland, this garden is truly a gem and each time I visit it reminds me of the time I have spent in Shanghai.  If I worked downtown, I would most certainly become a member for the opportunity to escape into its world over lunch.

As I read about the garden on its official website, it says “Enter the wonderland”…and for once I have to completely agree.  I have never before simply cut pasted a description from an official web site but the one for Lan Su is so perfect here it is:

“Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of Portland’s greatest treasures and most interesting sites to see while visiting Portland. A result of a collaboration between the cities of Portland and Suzhou, our sister city in China’s Jiangsu province that’s famous for its beautiful Ming Dynasty gardens, Lan Su was built by Chinese artisans from our Suzhou and is the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. 

Much more than just a beautiful botanical garden, Lan Su is a creative wonder — a powerfully inspiring experience based on a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition that melds art, architecture, design and nature in perfect harmony.

Once inside the garden’s walls, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled through timet o another era in a faraway world. Lan Su is a window into Chinese culture, history and way of thinking. Ever changing, Lan Su always has something new to offer – by the minute, by the hour, and with the seasons. Enter the wonderland.

The garden’s name represents this relationship: sounds from both Portland and Suzhou are combined to form Lan Su. “Lan” (蘭) is also the Chinese word for “Orchid” and “Su” (蘇) is the word for “Arise” or “Awaken,” so the garden’s name can also be interpreted poetically as “Garden of Awakening Orchids.” (蘭蘇園)”

If you enjoy my images, the real thing is 10x better!

Jorge Visit-89 Jorge Visit-57 Jorge Visit-100 Jorge Visit-68 Jorge Visit-88 Jorge Visit-118 Jorge Visit-130


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