For The Love Of The Game


I recently posted a blog about the Portland vs Seattle or Oregon vs Washington rivalry.  Over the weekend in October my family I visited the Washington vs Oregon Football game in Seattle and the Timbers vs Sounders soccer game in Portland – quite a weekend.  I noted in the blog how intense this rivalry is and the importance of keeping the rivalry positive; removing hate and emphasizing your love of your club.

Many people have heard a lot about the Timbers Army and I shared a picture of their Tifo (see above – very large banner(s) displayed at start of the game) from the Seattle game in my post.  I just came across a 15 minute video that gives you an inside look into the Timbers vs Sounders rivalry and the making of the Tifo and the passion and love behind it.  For me this video epitomizes everything positive about the rivalry between two local cities.

You can find it here.  Enjoy!

PS, the Timbers beat Seattle in the MLS playoff Semi-Final first leg last night in Seattle with the return leg on Thursday evening in Portland.  You can bet it will be one hell of a night.  🙂


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