An Hour At The Golden Gate Bridge

I had the good fortune to spend the past few days staying in Marin County just north of San Francisco attending an exceptional coaching class. I decided to pack a camera just in case I got the chance to spend some time at the Golden Gate Bridge, one of my most favorite spots.

I decided Friday evening was my chance. The weather was clear and sunny with no fog obscuring the bridge, probably the only time I can remember not having any fog. To cap it off I noticed it was a full moon, another complete fluke and so I figured I must be able to capture some satisfying images.

As I drove up the road on Marin headland all the parking looked to be full as I kept on driving I finally found a space away from a viewpoint, picked up my gear and started to hike up the road arriving a great spot with a good unobstructed view of both towers. I had about 30 mins until the sun went down and I gradually started capturing the scene.

After a while I looked around and noticed a tunnel behind me leading out to a cliff top view of the Pacific Ocean with the sun rapidly dropping to the horizon and I was really pleased to see some cyclists looking out towards the setting sun. They formed some nice silhouettes against the sun, perhaps a more satisfying picture than those I came to capture of the bridge.

Anyhow, over a period of an hour I captured the various scenes below and with the aid of some different post production techniques I have some different views of the Golden Gate Bridge. I hope you enjoy them and to satisfy my curiosity please let me know you like best. Thanks!

SF'14-15_HDR-Edit1 SF'14-102-Edit1 SF'14-140 SF'14-144

6 thoughts

  1. Hi Andy, well this is a tough pick, and an emotional one. How many times have I taken in this image visiting my brother in the city and Marin. I love the black and white shot. It looks so other worldly, like a mysterious Star Wars city. But, being a color nut, I have to go with the third one down. The colors are so rich and romantic and, for me, poignant. My brother’s spirit is everywhere. Thanks

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