Timex revisited

Orlando is a photographer who lives in Tacloban, the town virtually destroyed by the Typhoon in the Philippines last year. His work documents the slow recovery of the area and what it is to survive. Whenever you are having a bad day, things could be much,much worse. Please check out his blog, it is incredibly powerful and insightful.


A walk with my camera

The landscape here has changed since I’ve last visited nearly 11 months ago.  I remember it was a sunny morning, people were smiling, and all was good.  But now things have changed – the sky is gloomy, life isn’t going too well, but people still manage to smile, especially children.


In the coming weeks or months, everybody here will be relocated to a safer place up north.  They will surely miss this place, but it’s for the better.  Hopefully there will be no more nightmares and panic whenever a storm passes by.


Despite the low pressure and the gloomy skies, they seemed to be in high spirits.


Either his pair of shorts is long or his legs are just short, or maybe it’s both.


He did ask to be photographed, and I obliged.  Now if only my photo printer had not drowned, I would have given him a print, and…

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