A Talented Future?

I had the pleasure of spending a recent morning with the youths at p:ear.  p:ear provides a unique environment in downtown Portland for homeless youth to explore the arts and other educational programs.  I was leading a photography workshop and the enthusiasm shown by the youth was very inspiring.  They brought their full energy and it showed me just what these young people can do.

I wonder what is possible if they were provided a safe environment to live versus having to worry about where they will sleep tonight and whether they are going to be robbed or worse.  I get the sense they would surprise us and become an asset to society.  Right now we are ignoring some very bright assets.

Learn more about p:ear

P-ear Youth  P-ear Youth P-ear Youth P-ear Youth P-ear Youth P-ear Youth

6 thoughts

    • Hi Evelyn, working with these youths was so much fun and as you note they have so much positive energy. I just wonder what they could achieve if there are given a proper chance?

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