Perfect Pilates

I was lucky recently to work with the fabulous folks at Pacific Northwest Pilates in Portland, Oregon.  This studio is qualified to certify instructors and it shows in the quality of the instructors they have available.  Even though I have been practicing for several years, this photo shoot blew me away.  The grace and athleticism displayed in these images makes light of how hard some of these moves are.


PNWP Anna Short Box-73 PNWP Anna Short Box-35 PNWP Misc PM-114 PNWP Misc PM-24 PNWP Misc PM-26 PNWP Misc PM-56 PNWP Misc PM-69-Edit1 PNWP Misc PM-58

One thought

  1. Andy Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. I had to laugh when when I thought your post was perfect plates rather than perfect Pilates. We see words from our perspective sometimes. Thought maybe you took some restaurant pictures of food. Take care Jim De Lay

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