The Holidays

The end of the Mayan calendar was a fitting last day at work for me. It felt like everyone wanted their contracts and purchase orders complete before the end of the world! Now that’s behind me I can focus on the holidays. As the years go by I get more and more enjoyment from the simple traditions that grow in our household that evoke the nostalgia of Christmas’ gone by. When we first arrived in the US, it was hard to find any of the treats we associated with Christmas; the puddings, crackers, mince pies, chocolate, etc, etc. As the years have gone by our traditions seem to be blending together, crackers are now somewhat commonplace in the US and there is no shortage of Christmas Pudding (surprising since I have yet to find a single American who likes it).

In my newfound spirit of becoming a better observer of the things around me, I took some pictures from our house that illustrate some of the traditions in our household. Obviously the real Christmas tree (what else when you live in Oregon), satsumas that I remember only getting at Christmas as a kid, mince pies (surprisingly unopened as yet) and the thought of baking, perhaps the boys and Gunner will have a go next week. I am starting to develop a fondness for certain ornaments, in particular the Santa Claus and the Snowman, both of which came from Heidelberg in Germany, brought home from a trip.

What are the things in your house that most represent your holiday traditions?

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and New Year!

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  1. We had a lot of talk about traditions past, present and future at our house. Certain traditions were hosted by my Mom and her being the focal point. Now that she passed away 2 years ago and have one daughter of 3 in New Zealand, we are coming up with what we want to keep and what new to adopt.

    daughter in

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